Joseph Haskell

Joseph Haskell
Chief Information Officer

CIO Joseph Haskell

As Chief Information Officer, Joseph Haskell is responsible for budgeting, acquiring and managing information technology resources and delivering improved business outcomes from PSI's technology management team. He is the principal advisor on information technology (IT) to the CEO. This includes establishing long term strategic goals and defining policies and procedures relating to PSI's IT infrastructure as well as maintaining strategic partner relationships.

Mr. Haskell is also responsible for establishing and leveraging technical core competencies that are critical to PSI's business development efforts. Finally, Mr. Haskell is responsible for the independent Quality Management Team at PSI. This team is responsible for maintaining PSI’s multiple ISO and CMMI accreditations.

Mr. Haskell has been with PSI since 2009, with operational oversight of multiple programs for the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration. Prior to joining PSI, he worked in both the public and private sectors providing technology management and full life-cycle support for large health, environmental, and financial systems. Mr. Haskell's career began in 1985 as an application developer with Applied Information Sciences. Other career stops have included time as a manager in DynCorp's I&ET division as a founder and co-owner of Axon Solutions. Over his career, Mr. Haskell has applied consulting, design, software engineering, systems integration, project and program management expertise across multiple organizations. His current focus is refining all aspects of PSI’s customer service platform to optimize service delivery to all customers both internal and external.