Michael Snyder

Michael Snyder
Chief Operating Officer

COO - Mike Snyder

As PSI's Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Snyder is responsible for the day-to-day leadership of PSI's business functions. Mr. Snyder communicates and leads the internal implementation of company's vision, tone, and strategic direction as established by our CEO. He is responsible for business planning, and ensuring that all team members understand the plans and exactly how their role impacts the success of those plans. Mr. Snyder works closely with the CEO to help shape the entire organization by using cross-functional teams and projects to infuse an overall sense of common vision across the company with a "One Team" approach to leadership.

Prior to joining PSI, Mr. Snyder held many senior-level positions in both the commercial and federal sectors. He had a successful career as a healthcare administrator within the Navy Medical Service Corps, and has worked as a commercial consultant, a Government program manager and, finally, Deputy Program Executive Officer for the Joint Medical Information Systems, TRICARE Management Activity, where he provided oversight and management of all information technology programs for the Military Health System. Throughout his career, Mr. Snyder has been dedicated to critical business and information technology initiatives that have supported many important customers. A certified Project Management Professional, he believes that success is ultimately about developing solutions that deliver required capabilities and exceed user expectations for better information and improved business processes.

Mr. Snyder received his Bachelor's degree in Management from Park University, a Master's degree in Health Services Administration from the University of Washington, and was certified as a Healthcare Executive by the American College of Healthcare Executive.