Defense Organizations

Innovative IT Solutions for Our Nation's Defense

Since 1988, PSI’s IT experts have supported the toughest missions of the Department of Defense and helped to implement solutions that improve performance and the quality of operations for warfighters and thousands of military personnel worldwide. Our personnel work daily to ensure the success of a wide array of defense organizations including:

U.S. Air Force

  • Air Combat Command (ACC)
  • Air Force Central Command (AFCENT)
  • Air Force Medical Service (AFMS)
  • Air Force Medical Support Agency (AFMSA)
  • Air Force Program Executive Office (AFPEO)
  • Air Force Surgeon General
  • Air Force Telehealth & Enterprise Imaging Branch

U.S. Army

  • Biometrics Identity Management Agency
  • Dwight David Eisenhower Army Medical Center (DDEAMC), Customer Support Center
  • Corps of Engineers (USACE) Army Geospatial Center (AGC)

U.S. Navy

  • Navy Medical Research Center, Navy Advanced Medical Development (NMRCC-NAMD)

U.S. Marine Corps

  • Marine Corps Forces Central Command (MARCENT)

U.S. Special Operations Command

Defense Intelligence Agency

Other Defense Agencies

  • Clinical Systems (DHCS)
  • Defense Health Information Management System (DHIMS)
  • Defense Health Services System (DHSS)
  • Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC)
  • Military Health System (MHS)
  • MHS Cyber Infrastructure Service
  • TRICARE Management Activity (TMA)