Steve Webster

Steven Webster
President Federal Civilian Sector

President Federal Civilian Sector - Steve Webster

As President of the Federal Civilian Sector of Planned Systems International (PSI), Mr. Webster drives program execution and business growth for his Government customers. Mr. Webster focuses on excellence and partner relationships to ensure outstanding customer outcomes and satisfaction. He works closely with the Chief Operating Officer to implement PSI’s commitment to provide value-added management consulting and information technology solutions, and to care for our people and their professional development.

Mr. Webster comes to PSI from the 2018 KINEX acquisition, where he served as President. His career began at Raytheon with roles in prototype development and large scale missile systems production. After receiving his graduate degree, Mr. Webster designed mechanical systems, supported the test program for a National Missile Defense joint venture, and transitioned to simulation software development before departing as a Principal Engineer. He joined Crossmedia, an early Internet start-up integrating Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text To Speech (TTS) technologies as an email Software As A Service (SaaS) offering, and became their Vice President of Software. Mr. Webster then founded Xtend LLC as a provider of software development services, which he brought to KINEX becoming a Principal in 2004. Mr. Webster led the KINEX simulation business and grew it 18% annually as he and his team focused on distributed computing, spatial and geographic data, and systems integrations. He has published and presented at numerous industry and international forums on topics including software architecture, training systems, and video encoding and distribution.

Mr. Webster holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University.

When not at work? Mr. Webster resides in McLean, VA and enjoys travel, tennis, sailing, and sharing good food and wine.