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DISA Encore III is a follow-on to the DISA Encore II IDIQ vehicle and focuses on modernizing IT capabilities at the federal level, particularly within the Department of Defense (DoD). The scope of the contract includes all activities within the Military Services and DoD. Other Federal agencies may utilize this contract to satisfy their IT requirements after making the appropriate Economy Act Determination in accordance with FAR 17.5. IT solutions that can be requested under this vehicle encompass a range of capabilities from legacy systems to emerging net-centric technologies, cybersecurity, mobile environments, web-scale IT, cloud-based disaster recovery, and evolving network interfaces. The government can use this vehicle to obtain support covering different operation levels in areas such as C2, Intelligence, Mission Support, unified capabilities, enterprise services, business systems, and other elements of the DoD Information Network (DoDIN). The work performed under this vehicle includes supporting the government by furnishing personnel, materials, travel, services, managed services, and other items needed to satisfy worldwide development, deployment, operation, maintenance, and sustainment requirements of DISA and its customers.


Contract #: HC1028-18-D-0038

Contact:  Carrie Donat

Phone: (703) 575-7502



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