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Planned Systems International (PSI), Inc.

Big ideas can change the world. Understanding how things work can help us to solve today's urgent problems and shape the future of tomorrow. However, this requires brilliant minds and talented people.

Planned Systems International (PSI), Inc. is a global provider of enterprise IT solutions and management consulting services, with a special focus in public health, national security, and federal civilian sectors. We achieve success by investing in people and putting them first, listening and caring about their problems, and always doing our best to provide an extraordinary experience.

What We Do Best

Our solutions are unparalleled.


PSI is a certified enterprise IT solutions and management consulting services provider specializing in Health Solutions, IT and Consulting Solutions, Environmental Solutions, and Defense and National Security Solutions. With 32 years of experience, PSI has the knowledge, skills, expertise, and talent to take on any business opportunity or competitive challenge with confidence. 



National Security

National Security

Federal Civilian

Federal Civilian

How We Do It

We achieve real-word results.

Who We Work With

We maintain stellar relationships.

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If you’re ready to take a bold step for your future in a friendly, diverse environment where your work has an impact on the world around you, contact us today. We’d love to hear from you.

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Together, we are PSI.



PSI's state-of-the-art Innovation Facility is now open in Valparaiso, FL. It is designed to provide a cyber secure ecosystem for development of new technologies and approaches, illustrating the company’s commitment to deliver excellence to its customers. Watch a video about the Innovation Facility.



PSI works hard to maintain its unique, diverse, and collaborative culture. Success is the result when we connect the power of our people. Watch a video about who we are.



We have a new internship program that helps Active-Duty Service Members make a shift into civilian life. Learn more here.



PSI is a proud and dedicated services provider to the Intelligence Community. Our IT solutions solve today’s complex challenges, improve operational efficiencies, and meet challenges to our national security. Learn more here.