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Shianna S.

Shianna S.

Human Resources Representative

What I Do

Human Resources Representative specializing in Benefits and Rewards & Recognition. I get to work closely with our employees daily to ensure they have all of their benefits needs met. Also, our Recognition program is world class and we love recognizing our employees. I would know because I process them all 😊

Highlights of My Career so Far

I started as a Human Resources Intern 8 years ago and progressed to where I am now through the utilization of our Training & Development programs. Another highlight has been the amazing people that I get to work with throughout the week.

Working Here Has Given Me

A plan and a process to my purpose of leaving people better than I found them. I enjoy my job and that’s very important to me as it reflects in my actions.

What I Like About PSI

The people that I get to work with and our awesome company events. You haven’t been to a company event until you’ve been to a PSI event. I like that PSI knows how to be a flexible workplace. There is great work life balance.

My Life Outside of PSI

Consists of loving on my dog, St. Paul, being a foodie, baking & decorating cakes, watching sports, working out and serving God in all I do.

Years at PSI




PSI's state-of-the-art Innovation Facility is now open in Valparaiso, FL. It is designed to provide a cyber secure ecosystem for development of new technologies and approaches, illustrating the company’s commitment to deliver excellence to its customers. Watch a video about the Innovation Facility.

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