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Zachary M.

Zachary M.

Director of Software Engineering Solutions

What I Do 

I get to do a little bit of everything. I help with the technical direction of new programs, assist with the writing of proposals for new contracts, help and advise clients and PSI staff better understand DevOps, Agile, and pathways to modernizations, hire new staff, present at conferences, and meet with clients to discuss PSI’s knowledge and capabilities. 

Highlights of My Career so Far 

I've been lucky enough to have led an amazing team at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. I’ve presented PSI’s DevOps capabilities at conferences. I’m helping set technical direction and gaining government confidence on a new contract as the tech lead, and I’m providing Agile training and a practical DevOps vision to the Joint Operational Medicine Information Systems (JOMIS) program. This was just in my first year, so lots more to come! 

Working Here Has Given Me

A home, and a place to feel appreciated and trusted. 

What I Like About PSI 

The people. Working with fun and talented people makes me proud and drives me to do better. 

My Life Outside of PSI 

Busy! I’ve been a rock climber for more than 20 years and a scuba diver for one and both are still going strong. Between climbing trips and diving trips, I spend time at the climbing gym, hiking and being outdoors, relaxing with friends, reading fiction constantly (19 books in 2019), thinking about my next big international trip, watching the Washington Capitals seek another cup, and cramming in as many board game nights as I can.

Years at PSI




PSI's state-of-the-art Innovation Facility is now open in Valparaiso, FL. It is designed to provide a cyber secure ecosystem for development of new technologies and approaches, illustrating the company’s commitment to deliver excellence to its customers. Watch a video about the Innovation Facility.

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