Blood Donor & Transfusion Services

Agency Challenge

Replace Department of Defense (DoD) enterprise blood donor and transfusion solutions. The legacy systems could not support requirements necessary to modernize the program.

PSI Solution

Our solution delivers rich, intuitive and advanced blood management features for blood donor and transfusion services. Activities include:

  • Configuration of Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) FDA 510(k) cleared medical device

  • The migration of data from the legacy system x Common Access Card (CAC) enablement for end-user identification and authentication

  • FDA BECS validation

  • Training of system administrators, site supervisors, and functional administrators x

  • Information Assurance

  • Tier III Support Desk

The PSI Blood Donor and Blood Transfusion solution supports the full spectrum of donor and patient registration, screening, blood product inventory, transfusions, testing, quality assurance and associated record keeping for military and civilian blood donors and patients. Services include the configuration and deployment of the COTS FDA 510(k) clear medical devices to replace the legacy client server Defense Blood Standard System (DBSS) deployed at 28 DoD blood donor centers and 56 blood transfusion centers across the globe. Our solution gives the DoD’s global blood donor and transfusion operations the ability to leverage centralized donor and patient databases for real-time record access for the first time.

The ongoing demand for blood donations and transfusions are critical items for military readiness of our troops worldwide, given the fact that blood cannot be artificially reproduced and must be replenished due to a short shelf life. PSI’s Enterprise Blood Management team delivers a robust Blood Donor and Transfusion solution to benefit our Nation’s servicemen and women. Our global Blood Collections operation includes the ability to leverage a centralized donor database, providing stakeholders access to real-time enterprise reporting capabilities to monitor and adjust blood and blood product inventories. Formerly, the Armed Services Blood Program used a separate system at each blood center, where data could not be shared. The improved global system, architected by PSI as the prime integrator, provides a centralized database to effectively manage and track the full spectrum of donor and patient registration, screening, blood product inventory, transfusions, testing, quality assurance and associated record keeping for military and civilian blood donors and patients. PSI’s comprehensive Blood Management solution supports the acquisition of hardware and software, software configuration, information assurance, deployment and training. Our Blood Management services include integration of medical devices into enterprise solutions that often consist of multiple applications, server farms, and specialized printers.

Key Benefits Provided by PSI

  • On Time/On Budget–All sites fully operational according to project schedule.

  • Solution Architecture–Aligns the solution with current enterprise architecture to guarantee a seamless transition.

  • Information Assurance–Ensures optimum cybersecurity posture against threats.

  • Subject Matter Expertise–Experienced DoD blood bankers provide training, policy guidance and FDA validation support.

  • Data Migration–Ensures successful migration of data to the new solution.

  • Operations and Maintenance–Supports operations of production, training and disaster recovery environments, and provides Tier III support desk .

  • Strength of Leadership–Project Managers are available 24 x 7 x 365, managing risks before they impact the project.



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