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Notice on
Fraudulent Job Offers

PSI has been made aware of fraudulent job offers falsely claiming to be from PSI or our affiliates. These individuals offer illegitimate job opportunities to applicants and may request sensitive personal and financial information.

To ensure the legitimacy of any job offers, we strongly advise applicants to refer only to PSI's official website or verified social media channels. Any other sources should be treated with caution and thoroughly verified before providing any personal or financial information.

What is a Fraudulent Job Offer?

Fraudulent job offers are scams designed to trick job seekers into giving up personal and financial information or paying for nonexistent jobs. Common types of scams include "work from home" and "guaranteed job" scams, fake company scams, money laundering scams, and identity theft scams.


Job seekers should research offers thoroughly and never provide personal or financial information until they are certain the job is legitimate.



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