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About PSI

We've been extraordinary since 1988.


Since 1988, we've refined our capabilities to provide innovative enterprise information technology (IT) services and solutions that address a full spectrum of Health IT needs. Our stellar record of past performance and award-winning experience enables us to deliver agile solutions that achieve measurable results.


Why We're Here


Our mission to provide value-added management consulting and information technology services and solutions which consistently deliver success for our customers. By virtue of our relentless commitment to our core values of People, Service and Integrity, we are recognized as a world-class provider of innovative solutions that benefit mankind. Our core values are

  1. People:  We operate in a climate of trust, respect, empowerment, teamwork and cooperation.

  2. Service:  We conduct ourselves with unfailing commitment to the success of our customers.

  3. Integrity: We are honest, open and ethical in everything we do.



PSI's state-of-the-art Innovation Facility is now open in Valparaiso, FL. It is designed to provide a cyber secure ecosystem for development of new technologies and approaches, illustrating the company’s commitment to deliver excellence to its customers. Watch a video about the Innovation Facility.

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